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1.   Why choose Ace Rental Management?

2.   Where are you located?

3.   How do you choose tenants?

4.   In what cities do you provide management services?

5.   How and where do you advertise my property?

6.   When can I expect my payment and financial reports?

7.   What options do you provide for submitting payment to owners?

8.   What reports do you provide monthly and do you provide reports that can be used by an accountant in order to complete a tax return?

9.   Will prospective tenants be allowed to enter my property without a representative of your company being present? Who will be showing my property to prospective tenants?

10. Who coordinates maintenance issues, both routine and emergency?

11. Do you perform periodic inspections of the interior of my property? Do tenants need to be home for inspections?

12. Who handles evictions if they become necessary? What fees are associated with evictions?

13. What is the pet policy?

14. Do you require tenants to have renters insurance?



ACE RENTAL MANAGEMENT can help you with your Rental Property


    • Are you tired of the headache and hassle of managing your own property?
    • Do you have trouble finding good tenants that pay on time and keep your property clean?
    • Are your properties being poorly managed by someone who promised to do better?
    • Do you need help to maximize your return on investment?
ACE RENTAL MANAGEMENT can help you with all the questions above and more!!! Our staff and owners have over 36 years of combined property management and real estate experience. We know how to manage your property in order to provide you with great results.  Our staff and owners are dedicated to doing what it takes to maximize your chances of achieving those results.
How Do We Eliminate Your Headaches and Hassles?
Our dedicated staff is trained to handle all tenant calls, all tenant correspondence, show vacant units and negotiate rental rates. In addition to these tasks we also collect rent, collect fees and handle after hours emergency calls. We represent you when it comes to dealing with current or prospective tenants.
Each month you will be provided with a report detailing all income and expenses associated with your rental property.  You will also be sent an annual end-of-year report that summarizes all income and expenses for your property. These reports will supply enough details so that you or your accountant can complete tax filing requirements on an annual basis.
How Do We Find Good Tenants For Your Property?
We have the most comprehensive rental advertising program used by local property managers. This provides your property with more exposure than you will get with any of our competitors. Our typical advertising formats include the local newspaper, yard signs, our company website, southeasttexas.com, posters at the local mall, flyers, billboards, etc.
When a prospective tenant expresses interest in your unit they will be required to complete a detailed rental application. Our office processes the information provided and qualifies potential renters based on details from their credit report, criminal background check, employment verification and rental background. These checks and balances provide us the best chance for getting a good reliable tenant into your unit.
What do We Offer Over And Above What Other Property Management Companies Offer?
The relationship we build with the tenant begins at lease signing. We take the time to properly educate tenants on our expectations regarding your investment property. Every clause of the lease is discussed and explained in detail. At this time, we respond to questions or concerns that explain how each party's responsibilities are defined.
Our trained staff performs move-in inspections to properly document the condition of your unit when a new tenant takes posession of your rental property. Interior and exterior inspections are completed every six months following move-in. If property damage is discovered during these inspections that goes beyond normal wear and tear, we do our best to hold the tenant responsible to pay for the repairs. When the unit is being vacated, we schedule a move-out inspection and compare findings to the original and periodic inspections.  Any expenses associated with damages that go beyond normal wear and tear are withheld from the tenants security deposit.
We never send a prospective tenant to your property with a key. If someone is interested in looking at your property they will always be accompanied by one of our staff members.  Propery management companies that do not accompany prospective tenants to your property open you up to significant liability risks and potential damage to your investment property.
Also, we always perform the required inspections in person.  Some property management companies do not actually do inspections on your property and some actually give the tenants the paperwork to fill out and turn in later. These types of practices do not protect your best interest and are simply not fair to investment property owners.
How Do We Maximize Your Return On Investment?
One of the key things our owners want to know is where they stand with their property financially on a monthly basis. In order to accommodate this common requirement, we send out detailed monthly reports specifying cash flow for your property.
Also, our advertising will help to ensure that you get a competitive rent for your unit and we give you the benefit of our significant experience regarding rental rates in the area. This will provide you with a reasonable expectation of income from your property as well as establish an asking price that will minimize vacant periods.
By actively managing your property, we can and do control maintenance costs to the best of our ability. This includes negotiating preferred rates with vendors that do work for us on a regular basis. We also enforce our lease contract by holding tenants accountable in cases where they should be financially responsible to pay for necessary repairs.



Owner FAQ’s
Ace Rental Management is a locally owned company that understands the needs and desires of property owners in our area. We strive to provide owners with top quality service, open lines of communication and easily-accessible agents who treat your property as if it were their own.
We are determined to provide the best all around experience you could hope for from a property management company. With our many years of combined property management experience, we have developed a keen sense of what it takes to provide value enhancing services to our clients.

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2.       Where are you located?
We are located at 1220 Dallas Street, Port Neches, TX 77651.

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Our staff obtains credit and background reports through a local credit agency. In addition to these reports, we contact employers as well as current and previous landlords with detailed questions regarding prospective tenants.

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We currently offer management services in the following cities:
·       Port Neches
·       Nederland
·       Groves
·       Port Arthur
·       Hampshire
·       Fannett
·       Bridge City 
·       Orange
·       Orangefield
·       Vidor
·       Little Cypress
·       Mauriceville
·       Lumberton
·       Beaumont
·       Silsbee
We are always looking for opportunities to manage property in any city within Jefferson, Orange and Hardin counties.


We advertise your property in the following methods:
·         Prospective tenants can find a wealth of information on this website
·         Our listings can be found periodically in the Sunday edition of the Port Arthur News along with a daily listing of our company name and phone number advertising homes for lease
·         We subscribe to www.southeasttexas.com where we frequently rotate properties for rent
·         We have periodic print ads in the local Premier Homes Magazine which is found at businesses throughout Southeast Texas and they are also available in our office
·         We also have a display ad at Central Mall located at one of the main entrances to the mall
·         Each vacant unit will have an Ace Rental Management sign at the property which prominently displays our office phone number and business website
·         We are in contact with local Realtors who might know of someone moving to the area who might need a rental
·         We periodically advertise on the most popular radio stations in the area
·      Our company has an extensive billboard campaign ongoing throughout Jefferson, Orange and Hardin counties
·      Also, keep a look out for our business vehicle around town which prominently displays our business information along with some of our owners and employees

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Our goal at Ace Rental Management is to provide you funds and reports in a timely manner. Keep in mind that Texas law gives tenants three grace days to turn in rent before it is considered late. We will have all payments that are due on the 1st of the month available to the owner by the 10th of that current month, or the business day before.
In the event a check is mailed from our office to an owner, time must be allowed for the check to be delivered using that slower delivery method. If the rent is paid late then the date on which payment is made to you will change accordingly. For rents that are due on a different day, we will provide payment when the rent is paid.

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We know that each owner is different and may require different payment options. The available options are listed below:
·         We can call you when your check is ready and you may pick up the check and reports from our office
·         We can mail your check and reports to you
·         We can also direct deposit checks into an account for you at a local bank and mail or email your reports

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Monthly Reports
Detailed property statements are provided to you monthly with your check. In these reports you will be able to see all financial transactions that were associated with your property for the specified month.
End of Year Statements
At the end of the year, we will provide you detailed statements that are acceptable for preparing tax returns. The information in these statements will consist of any transactions that have taken place within your account for the year. You will be able to see them broken down by category, i.e. Income, Expenses, etc.

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NO!  A representative from our company will always accompany prospective tenants to view a property. We will never give authorization or keys for any prospective tenant to enter a property without a representative of our company being present.
Prospective tenants will be shown property by our Property Manager who is a licensed real estate agent.

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As your management company, we handle all maintenance work orders. You have the option to request specific companies for repairs or complete repairs yourself. In most cases, we will use our typical contract maintenance crews to perform all minor repairs. In some cases, a repair may require a licensed technician. Again, should this be the case, you may request that we use your preferred vendor or allow us to use one of our typical licensed contractors. The goal is to get necessary repairs completed at the lowest cost to you as an owner, while also ensuring the quality of the repair is satisfactory.
A management company representative is always accessible for emergencies that may arise after hours. Tenants can call the office number and follow the prompts which will direct them to the on-call agent. From there the on-call agent will assess the situation and address it to the best of his or her ability after-hours. Some repairs may have to wait until the next business day depending on the specific issue.

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We will conduct both a move-in and move-out inspection of a property each time tenancy changes. In addition, we will also perform detailed interior inspections approximately every 6 months at the property. Should we find a certain tenant to be a possible problem; we have the discretion to conduct more frequent inspections.
We give tenants a 24 hour notice before entering the property. It is the tenants’ choice as to whether they wish to be home or not during a scheduled inspection. In the event that a tenant is unreachable (i.e. disconnected number, will not return calls, etc.), we will carry out the planned inspection.

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Ace Rental Management will handle all evictions should they become necessary. In the event you choose to evict a tenant, we will take the following actions:
·         Deliver a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Vacate to the tenants via mail and hand delivery
·         File for eviction in the precinct for the specific property
·         Attend the hearing on behalf of the owner
·         If necessary, file for a Writ of Possession when the appropriate number of days have passed
·         Meet with the constable and maintenance contractor to physically remove the tenants’ belongings if necessary
The fees that are associated with evictions vary by precinct. We will give you all of the information you need at the appropriate time to make an educated decision when considering the eviction of a tenant.

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As the property owner, we work for you. You have the final say in whether or not you want to accept pets. We charge refundable pet deposits and monthly pet rent. These charges vary based on the type of pet a tenant owns.
If a tenant owns a pet that is considered an “aggressive breed,” we will typically advise the property owner against accepting the pet. In the instance an owner chooses to accept an “aggressive breed” pet, the tenants will sign a waiver releasing the property owner and Ace Rental Management from any liabilities that could be associated with the pet. In addition to this, the property owner will sign a waiver releasing Ace Rental Management from any liabilities that could be associated with the pet.

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While we cannot require tenants to carry renter’s insurance, it is strongly encouraged that they do. There is a portion of the lease that explains the benefits of renter’s insurance and acknowledges that the homeowner’s insurance on the property does not cover the tenants’ belongings.

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