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 Dawn Warr  (BUSINESS and PROPERTY OWNER): Dawn was born and raised in Bridge City where her parents still live today. She obtained her teaching degree from Lamar University in 1996. Afterwards, she taught 3rd Grade for seven years within the Port Arthur Independent School District before focusing full-time on her and her husband's real estate holdings.


The properties that she and her husband own, allowed her to retire from teaching and spend time growing their real estate business endeavors. Dawn has gained significant experience by handling the purchase and absorption of new properties, supervising major maintenance rehabs and managing numerous rentals.


Dawn and her husband understand the value of building relationships with people and most especially people on their power team. These are the professionals that help them conduct their business on a regular basis and those that also help provide extraordinary service to their customers.


With her well rounded experience, Dawn is able to handle just about any aspect of the property management business and she really enjoys talking with other property owners. Her personal commitment to you and your investment property will provide the peace of mind you need to sleep good at night knowing your property is in good hands.


   Shane Warr  (BUSINESS and PROPERTY OWNER): Shane grew up within the Port Neches Groves School District. Following graduation from high school, he obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering from Lamar University. He has been practicing this profession for the last 16 years.


He and his wife Dawn decided to start investing in rental real estate nearly 10 years ago. They typically buy property that is in need of repair and negotiate the best cash price possible. Afterwards, they fix the properties up and add them to their rent roll.


Since their start several years ago, Shane and Dawn have acquired 44 units in Port Neches, Groves, Port Arthur and Nederland and 100 units in Silsbee. He and Dawn managed their own properties for a few years and ultimately started Ace Rental Management to help others with their rental properties. He knows full well what needs to be done in order to make rental property profitable.


Shane has a real passion for real estate along with a proven track record to size up a deal and turn it into a cash machine. He will be happy to speak with you about acquiring your first property or adding to your existing portfolio.




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